Painted Pony Ranch

Snow White, double gene sabino Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion

Stud Fee $400, Live color foal guarantee

Snowy produces the most amazing colors. Sabino roans... lavender, dark blue, light blue, pink, strawberry and black roan! He will ALWAYS add white to them. Anywhere from legs and face to snow white!

We call him our "Magic Paint Brush". His temperament is wonderful. He's very loving, easy to handle and smart as a whip. With his thick, long mane and tail, he looks like a unicorn! He's trained to drive as a team with his look alike son Snow Clone.

We have his son Snow Clone and his lavender roan Sabino son, Rainbow Snow on the premises. Rainbow Snow is a gorgeous three year old stallion who has that same, fancy, fast and smooth Tennessee Walk as his "Pop" Snowy.








Snowy at 10 minutes of age.

Snowy's Babies


Snow Clone


Snow Rio


Snowys Solar Gold

Rainbow Snow - See his web page


Snowy River & Snow Clone            Snowy and his training partner


Snowy makes it obvious that he loves little kids

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